MasterChef Finale toasting Christine Ha: Graham Elliot, Gordon Ramsay, Anna Rossi and Joe Bastianich


AJ & Anna loved competing on Season 3 of MasterChef together! The husband and wife duo met nearly 6 years ago at Daisy Buchanan’s on Newbury Street in Boston and have been side by side ever since. They share a true love for one another and all things New England.  They live in Boston’s beautiful Back Bay.


Anna hails from a small island in the Pacific Northwest, a short ferry ride from Seattle,WA. She was raised as an only child by her two remarkable parents, Molly and Steve.

On a whim, she headed East for college and graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BA in Sociology and Theater from the University of Vermont. She spent over two years abroad studying in Denmark, France, Italy and Spain. One of her most unique experiences and greatest accomplishments was walking over 750 miles on a solo trek across France and Spain on el Camino de Santiago.  It was along this dusty path that she had her first whole roasted trout, sipped from a fountain of wine and discovered her love of flan.

Anna’s favorite souvenir is a new recipe and considers FOOD to be her “hub.”  Not only does she see food as a vehicle for health and nourishment but also as a form of self expression and motivation to build community, entertain, imagine and (most importantly) dress up!  Brave Apron celebrates all things bold, tasty and whole!

Anna lives in Boston with her fantastic husband, AJ, who she met in 2006 at a dive bar around the corner.  What could be sweeter!?


Nantucket 2011

Nantucket 2011

AJ was born and raised in Connecticut.  Growing up in a big Italian family while spending summers along the shore, AJ developed a deeply rooted passion for seafood and cooking.  A jack of all trades, AJ has a background in genetics, cancer research, technology and publishing. He has a gift for business development and the Midas touch when it comes to start-ups.  However, like Anna, AJ’s most thought provoking part of his day is “hey, what’s for dinner”!  AJ and Anna share a true passion for cooking and love sourcing ingredients and celebrating New England’s unique culinary identity.  AJ’s “School of Shucking” taught Anna how to perfectly open both clams and oysters, how to steam the perfect lobster and has wowed her with his spear fishing abilities – she had her doubts but now will expect a fresh fish for dinner whenever he puts on his wet suit :)  Like the French say- appetite comes from eating… in every case, appetite always seems to come when striking up a good conversation with AJ!


  1. You were my FAV contender on masterchef season 3 anna, i was hoping you’d win!!!!!!!!! But glad you wen’t as far as you did

    • Thanks Brodie! Your support means so much. I learned a lot and had a blast. It was an experience of a life time. Hope you are enjoying the season!

  2. You were my favourite contestant on MasterChef Season 3! I’m so happy that you made it as far as you did, though! And I’m even happier that I’ll be able to try out you’re recipes! Thank you!!!

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