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Anna Elizabeth Rossi


  1. Wray Lertora says:

    Anna — You and AJ were great on the show last night. Congratulations! We hope you both go a long way. We noticed that the only dish they showed being eaten after the contestants left was your pizza. Way to go.

    Wray & Anne

  2. Linda Owens says:

    Anna…..I wish I were back home in my old home town to go to your house for pizza~! Bravo for you and AJ! Linda Owens

  3. says:

    I love your hair. Please tell me what you told your stylist so that I may attempt to rock a similar do. Thanks!

    • Thank you so much!!! So…way back when, I had a french woman cut my hair who couldn’t speak english. She gave me an awesome cut and titled it “au sauvage” or “come the savage” …easy, layered and a little wild. If you are ever in Boston, you should make an appointment with my stylist Tommy Canney at Roffi Salon. He is amazing! This probably isn’t helpful but its fun to embody the “au sauvage” energy:)

  4. Sorry to see you get eliminated last night. I was rooting for the fellow Bostonian, although I live in RI now. Those tortellini’s looked good, wish I could have tried them!! (even if they were a little undercooked 😦 … ) I may have to try this Sorrel dipping sauce for fish, once i figure out what a Sorrel is 🙂 … keep up the good work, I’m sure you’ll do well in your cooking endeavous, or a cooking show, your youtube video was great, such the professional!!


    • Thank you so much Brian! I had never had Sorrel either but so enjoyed playing around with it. Let me know what you think! And thank you so much for your support and encouragement:)

  5. Sorry to see you get eliminated last night, I was rooting for the fellow Bostonian, although I live in Rhode Island now. The tortellini’s you made looked great, and I wanted to try them (even if they were undercooked a little 😦 …. ) I’m sure you’ll do well in your food endeavours, or your own cooking show, your youtube video seemed very well done, you talk so easily to the camera!!! Hmm I may have to try this Sorrel dipping sauce recipe for some fish, be better if I knew what a Sorrel was 🙂 …. Keep up the great work and hope to see some more from you soon… and if you need any food pictures done I’d love to try, ever the aspring photographer 🙂 Check out my Wall-E photos if you want an idea 🙂

    Thanks again!!!!

  6. Sorry I’m late to the party, A while ago, I saw postings from Gina and Maeve about a fellow DFitter making it big on TV and took me a while to make the connection.

    So belated congratulations to you and A.J.!!! That’s amazing!!! You both are great on Masterchef! The past couple of weeks I’ve been catching up on past shows (thanks to Hulu) and today I just caught up. It’s really so cool to see how far the 2 of you gone on the show.

    And after watching the last episode, man I can totally relate on how making a tortellini can be a handful. My dad’s still trying to show me how to make a similar dish, (called the water dogs minus the cheese), but every time I make it, it looks like mini-sandbags. I am getting better at making burgers (opposite problem making it too medium well than undercook) So the next time u need help in the food truck or someone to take a fall in a challenge just let me know. 🙂

    Congrats once again. And you really have a cool website Anna, keep up the great work and look forward to see you on the D-Flt Floor soon, or on the big screen kicking but with your own cooking show. 😀



  7. Hi Anna, sorry to see you go off the show. Way to represent! Best of luck following your passion

    Rick (Framingham)

  8. Love you on MasterChef…your chocolate molten lava cake really proves your culinary skills. You waited till the end to fall but you were so composed and control throughout that whole pressure test. There was that one pressure test involving their favorite dessert and you had to make tiramisu and I really thought yours was beautifully executed. I can never make tiramisu ….its so scary. Can you give us your recipe?

  9. Lou & Vincenza Mauriello says:

    Anna & AJ, it was very nice meeting you guys at lunch today in Positano. We’d like to wish you good health and much happiness.

    • Hi Lou and Vincenza,
      So wonderful to meet the two of you! We hope the rest of your anniversary trip was filled with delicious wine, inspiring meals and great company. Wishing you many happy years ahead!
      Anna and AJ

  10. abhinav says:

    Hi anna dis is abhinav from India,have startd watching ur season.really liked ur pizza in d qualifying round.hope u go a long way and want to have that pizza in future !! 🙂

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