Admittedly, AJ and I are nerds when it comes to researching and testing kitchen equipment.  Simplicity is something that we strive for in the kitchen and on the table.  The more time I spend in the kitchen, catering and entertaining I become an even more firm believer that having reliable, state of the art equipment enhances the entire food experience.  Whether it is a perfectly balanced blade that slices with precision, the latest and safest ceramic non-stick cookware,  a five-ply copper core stainless sauce pan that distributes heat to perfection that even a finicky custard can’t resist being smooth, or a blender with enough horse power to motor a small raft yet is so quiet that it couldn’t wake a sleeping baby… welcoming products that we believe to be truly excellent into our kitchen has allowed us to cut back on clutter, frustration, and valuable cupboard real-estate and celebrate what is most important- the food!   We have compiled a list of our kitchen essentials and are enthusiastically sharing with you some of our favorites! Brave Apron is proudly sponsored and cooking with the following:



Scanpan CTX Series

All-Clad Copper Core


Global Knives

Chefs Choice 640 Meat Slicer

Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener


Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Series

Polyscience Smoking Gun

ARY  Vac-Master VP120 Chamber Sealer


VitaMix 300

Max Burton 6200 Induction Burners

Kenwood Cooking Chef

Crock Pot Touch Screen Slow Cooker


John BOOS Butcher Block


Electric Crepe Maker #A4985033

Paella Pan #11115-50

Mayonaise Maker #48294-12

Truffle Shaver #48237-00

Stone Grill Set #41315-04

Salmon Slicing Knife #18112-30

SantoKnife: #18104-18

Series 2500 Frying Pan Model: 12514-36

Series 2500 Non-Stick Model: 12517-36

Rectangular C-Iron Grill A1733736

Asparagus Set 12037-16

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