My Elimination Recap: MasterChef S3 Ep9 Thanks Kaimana Chee!

What a night! My friend Kaimana Chee just sent this over.  Not only is he an incredible cook himself earning a spot among the Top 100 best home cooks in America, but he also has the ability to bring light to even the most difficult of evenings.  Thank you, Kaimana, for adding a little levity to “the day after”:)  So happy AJ and I got to meet you out in LA!  Here’s to the Top 100!


  1. gridlockmanifestogridlockmanifesto says:

    Poor Anna, it is a shame she was eliminated. I wish it had been Tali by that point, but his fate was sealed right after that. As the cooks are boiled down to fewer in number, the mistakes are more fatal, and the best is truly obvious. I’m so glad that my Dish co-worker turned me onto this show this year. My kids and I have been very interested in Christine too because she is such a good cook. It is much easier to find the time to watch too because I can watch, commercial free, with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings. That means I can watch both weekly episodes in one evening too.

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