1. Looking GOOD Anna!

  2. “It’s not Thanksgiving, without “a drunk Uncle.”

  3. It’s not Thanksgiving, without my Aunt Lena’s Cranberry Bread. (Actually it’s not Christmas without it either!) I make two loaves; one for Thanksgiving and one for leftovers… it’s wonderful warmed on the griddle with a slathering of whipped cream cheese.

  4. Cam Kelly says:

    It’s not thanksgiving without being thankful for the growth as an individual and as a unit with you and your family. The holidays are the best reward ever. It’s like the winners circle at the end of a race. Great food, great memories and it happens every year. It’s the universes way of saying, you did it.

  5. Its not thanksgiving without a tender, juicy turkey!

  6. Christina Thirkell says:

    It’s not Thanksgiving without my mother’s cooking and “the book” she passes she passes around each year for our family and friends to make an entry and share what they are thankful for. Plus her amazing gravy and pumpkin pie!

  7. Kathy Blackwell says:

    It isn’t Thanksgiving without Cranberry-raspberry Jello, family, friends and a grateful heart!

  8. Mary Jackson says:

    It’s not Thanksgiving without family. This year my family is far away so I “adopted” my neighbors and invited myself into their family. Lots of different kinds of families.

  9. It’s not Thanksgiving with the family gathered around the table with cranberries…canned jelly for the Uncles and Susan Stamberg’s MIL’s cranberry w/ horse radish sauce for the rest of us.

  10. judy keehn says:

    without family and my mother’s creamed spinach

  11. It’s not thanksgiving, without stuffing!!

  12. Harrison Hamada says:

    (And of course my famous cranberry orange relish)

  13. it’s not thanksgiving without my mama’s world famous sweet potatoes with marshmallows!!!

  14. Katie Watson says:

    It’s not Thanksgiving without family, laughter, and great food. 🙂

  15. Darrell Romero says:

    “It’s not Thanksgiving, without the kids talking me into going shopping at midnight for Black Friday”

  16. It’s that time of the year… The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, a log is on the fire and football is on the tv! It’s time to whip out the pots and pans and make some delicious lobster mac & cheese!

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