Extra MasterChef Footage Revealed

As they say in Reality TV,  if it didn’t air, it didn’t happen.  Well, now this really happened.   No doubt for dramatic effect, these ego-boosting clips had been left on the edit room floor.  Husband verses wife?  Game on.  While AJ’s Dirty Lobster earned a resounding “YES” from all three judges that aired triumphantly on Day 2 of the MasterChef Season 3 Premier, the final cut left me sweating and pleading- well, so it seemed:)

Well, White Clam Pizza Lovers of the world, rest assured that I represented us well and the judges were unanimous.  I’ll eat a slice to that!

Want to make your own?  Click here.


  1. I love this. Craig says “AWESOME!”

  2. I love this clip! Thanks for sharing. My husband and I love following your blog and using your wonderful apron!!!

  3. ANNA~!!! You rock and, for sure, know how to shuck your clams. 3 yes’s from the judges says it all.

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