Case of the Mondays? Try these on for size…

I attended a fantastic event last week at Neiman Marcus celebrating the coveted “List” aka the Top 10 trends for  Fall 2011.   The ever-stylish Roopal Patal, Senior Market Accessories Editor for Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus,  was our eloquent host and surprised us all with this amazing purple Louboutin jewel!

The model came out wearing head to toe shades and textures of the seasons hottest color- Bordeaux. The outfit was lady like and alluring and then totally exploded into a playful frenzy when our eyes fell on these sparkly pumps.

Patal suggested that we all keep a pair in our bottom drawer at the office…  You know- when you had a bad day at work…throw these on for your walk home and like magic the world, if not your week, seems just a little brighter!

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