COFFEE. A way of life.

To all my fellow Coffee Nuts out there:


1/2 Cup Coffee, coarse ground

3 Tbs olive oil


Combine ingredients in a non breakable container.

Option 1: Take mixture into the shower with you and exfoliate in circular motion moving toward the lymphatic system.

Option 2: Stand over a towel and pack mixture onto limbs.  Wrap with cellophane.  Enjoy the infusion for approx 10 minutes before hopping into the shower and sloughing off and exfoliating in circular motion toward the lymphatic system.


Energizing.  Aids in cellulite and waste elimination.  Smells amazing!!!  Your skin will be left dewey and buzzing!


  1. Will this clog your shower drain?

  2. Goodness Gracious, you’re a woman of many talents, aren’t you?!

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