Mediterranean Harvest Salad & Homemade Focaccia

This hearty salad is a nod to fall, from here in New England to travels along the Mediterranean.  The creamy butternut squash is roasted with aromatic cumin, sweet paprika and the goodness of Olivio’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil then tossed with hearty lentils, refreshing mint and an earthy goat cheese which balances out the exotic.  Toasted almonds […]

Creamy Butternut Squash Lasagna with Basil Bechamel

This “Giada Gem” was introduced over 8 years ago to my family’s Thanksgiving table by my Aunt Becky.  Since then, I dust off the recipe every year and puree my butternut squash heart out.  Even though I will be celebrating Thanksgiving this year with my in-laws, this will serve as a little reminder of home, […]

T – 39 hours and counting ’til MASTER CHEF BOSTON!!!

Mediterranean Harvest Salad

I love butternut squash.  That’s why I was thrilled when my friend Jess shared a recipe she uncovered in a vintage Bon Appetit magazine that celebrates butternut squash in a harvest salad that is packed with mediterranean flavor!  Typically, I roast butternut squash simply with sea salt and fresh ground pepper, but  Bon Appetit’s recommendation […]